Research Group Contact

Applied Electromagnetic Research Group

1. Teaching: Contribute in the improvement process of the under graduate and postgraduate education and research activities related to Applied Electromagnetics in order to realize practical and problem solving graduates.
2. Research: Engage in Research and Development activities related to Applied Electromagnetics in the following fronts:

  • To address local problems utilizing existing RF technologies.
  • Contribute to the development the production capacity of the nation specially in RF systems and devices.
  • Bring together the different stakeholders and work towards harmonized National RF Regulations and Standards which will encourage effective utilization of RF resources at the same time safe-guarding national interests.
  • Peruse state of the art research of international relevance which will lead to publications in internationally recognized journals and conferences.
  • Collaborate with the local industry, service sector as well as in the National Defense Industry to address sector specific Electromagnetic related challenges
  • Collaborate operate with international entities such as universities, R&D institutes, communication equipment vendors with the intention of capacity development and joint research.