2016 AAiT Student Ambassador


The Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) has established a Volunteer Student Ambassador Program as part of its prospective student outreach program. This program provides selected current AAiT students with the opportunity to participate in Institute representational activities.

Student Ambassadors are undergraduate students who are usually in their second or third year of study. They are confident, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, are flexible, pro-active and able to present themselves well. They need to have a positive but realistic approach to AAiT life and be willing to work as a member of a team.


The aims of the Student Ambassador program are to:

  • To upgrade AAiT brand image by participation in various areas of Student Ambassador
  • Provide a valuable marketing/communications related development opportunity for current students
  • Provide an opportunity for secondary school and other prospective students to have direct contact with successful role models
  • To assist the institute in managing the increasing demand for representation in a variety of forums

Role of Student Ambassadors

  • Work with young people to encourage, motivate and inspire them to commence, continue and complete their studies successfully.
  • Actively participating in Open Days, information evenings, school visits and other events as requested by the Managing Directors Office.
  • Meeting and helping visitors to AAiT, for example parents and students.
  • Provide students and parents with an insight into AAiT life and study based on their own experiences.
  • Provide students,parents, international students with information of AAiT's programs and student services available.
  • The student Ambassador program is a 1 year program

No. 2016 AAiT Student Ambassador Name School Year
1. Shewit Sissay School of Civil & Environmental Engineering 2nd
2. Nardos Hailu School of Multi-disciplinary Engineering 4th
3. Shewit Asmelash School of Civil & Environmental Engineering 2nd
4. Sifora Abraham School of Chemical and Bio Engineering 2nd
5. Eyosias Mesfin School of Civil & Environmental Engineering 5th
6. Eskinidir Wondossen School of Mechanical Engineering 5th
7. Biniam Assfaw School of Civil & Environmental Engineering 5th
8. Robera Tesfaye School of Civil & Environmental Engineering 2nd