Undergraduate/Post graduate programs

    • Chemical engineering(BSc)
    • leather Technology(BSc)
    • Process engineering(MSc&PhD)
    • Environmental engineering(MSc&PhD)
    • Food engineering (MSc&PhD)
    • Biochemical engineering(MSc)
      • Consultancy Activities

        No Title Client Budget Status
        1 Road Map study for construction materials Ministry of industry,Ethiopian 4.925 million birr completed
        2 Feasibility study for corn processing Ministry of industry,Ethiopian 800,000 birr completed
        3 Road map for fruits and vegetable processing Ministry of industry,Ethiopian 1.3 million birr completed
        4 Urea fertilizer production plant supervision Chemical Cooperation 26 million birr on progress
        5 review of twinning program for LIDI institute leather institute 800,000 birr completed

        Research Activities

        No Title fund budget Status Project Leader contact adress
        1 Technologies to reduce postharvest losses of Ethiopian fresh fruit VLIR-UOS (Belgian Development Cooperation) 6,987,000.00 on progress Birhanu Assefa (Dr.) mob no:+251911238520
        2 Activated Carbon Production from Agricultural and Forestry Residues for selected industrial applications Sugar decolorization and catalyst preparation for biofuel production Addis Ababa University 1,500,000 ETB on progress Beteley Tekola(Dr.) mob. no :+251-924433798,
        3 Development of a clean biotechnological process and pilot plant for bakery yeast production from Ethiopian resources Ministry of Science and Technology 4, 400,000 on progress Solomon kiros(Dr.) mob no:+251922481356 ,
        4 Appropriate and low cost technology selection for used oil treatment plant in Ethiopia TOTAL Ethiopia 1,071,500.00 birr on progress Abubaker Yimam(Dr.) mob no:+251911950214 ,
        5 Improved Waste Paper Processing and Recycling Techniques using Small Scale Plants (Case Study: Addis Ababa University) Addis Ababa University 100,000.00 birr on progress Yosan Teshome mob no:+251-913-501010,
        6 Textile Wastewater Treatment by Electrocoagulation Ministry Of Science and Technology 176,137.00 on progress Yosan Teshome mob no:+251-913-501010,

      Partnerships and Collaborations

      Academic partnership

      • Leather research institute CLRI, Indian
      • University of Western Ontario, Canada
      • University of Calgary Alberta, Canada
      • VLIRUOS,KULeuven, Belgium
      • Bio Innovative Project; Bio-Resource Innovation Network for Eastern Africa Development, SIDA

      Industrial partnership

      • Leather Industry Development Institute, Ethiopia
      • Sugar Corporation