Research Priority Areas

Research Priority Areas

Mechanical Design Chair:

  • Multi-body system simulation and analysis
  • Development of Nano-material for different applications.
  • Failure and stress analysis using FEM
  • Development and characterization of composite materials.
  • Technology transfer on agricultural machineries
  • Product development and design
  • Vibrational analysis for agricultural vehicles
  • Development of green vehicle from low cost local materials

    Industrial Engineering Chair:

  • Logistics and supply chains management
  • Quality engineering and management
  • Industrial Maintenance and Reliability
  • Facility Location and Layout
  • Technology Innovation and Management
  • Technology Transfer and diffusion
  • Innovation Systems Study
  • Production Planning and Productivity Improvement
  • System Design and Analysis
  • Operations research and Optimization/Decision Science
  • Stochastic Modeling and Simulation
  • Industrial Systems Engineering and Management

    Manufacturing Engineering Chair:

  • Technology Transfer/Technology Development
  • Transforming product design and development for competitive Manufacturing
  • Global trends in traditional manufacturing techniques of machining, metal forming, metal casting and joining.
  • Transforming towards competitive manufacturing
  • Milestones in manufacturing
  • Technology transfer and diffusion
  • Technology adaptation and development
  • Automation a strategy for flexible, quality and cost efficient production
  • General research/project participation in areas of manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering, fabrication and assembly of spare parts, development and prototyping of industrial equipment in collaboration with government, Industries and entrepreneurs.

    Thermal Engineering Chair:

  • Biomass gasification stove for cooking
  • Small scale Biodiesel production from Jatropha and Ethanol
  • Solar cook stove optimization and manufacturing with Thermal storage system, pebble bed rocks and PCM
  • Micro hydro power plant for ruler electrification
  • Solar Energy harvesting and component optimization for heating
  • Industrial cooling enhancement using carbon nanopaticles
  • Utilization of biodiesel derivatives for cosmetics and detergents
  • Energy harvesting from solid wastes
  • Dairy preservation for Rural society using solar Energy
  • Solar- Bio gas hybrid power generation
  • “AAiT Refrigerator” manufacturing using local materials