Library Services

The Addis Ababa Institute of Technology Library gives various services to its user community. The services rendered include:

  Circulation Services

  • Short Loan (Spot Reading) Service: Spot reading or short loan service is a loan service given for a short period of time. Users are lent materials for a specified time by filling a time card. This service is provided in all branch libraries and reading rooms for all users.

  •  Long Loan Service: This service is a loan service that is provided for all academic and administrative staff of the University, all postgraduate students, all undergraduate regular students regardless of academic and all extension students who are 2nd year and above. Users are provided with pockets for borrowing materials for 15 days.

  • Reservation of materials: Reservation is a method of making books reserved for only spot reading and not for long term loan so that the books can be distributed to all the concerned students fairly since spot reading service is given for a short period of time which is normally one hour. Instructors can select books to be reserved for spot reading by bringing the books they want to be reserved from the stack. However, for reservation to be done the book student ration has to be at least one to twenty.

    Circulation is one of the major public services. It provides loan service to the academic community. We can divide the core functions in to four broad areas:  

    1. Spot Reading Services
    2. Long Loan Service
    3. General Stack Service
    4. Other house keeping activities

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday

24 Hours

Public Holidays


Semester break

8:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m