Facilities for Academic Purpose


Facilities for Academic Purpose

Laboratory and Computing Facilities of the school

The ECE School is equipped with several computing and laboratory facilities. These facilities are listed below.
A) Laboratory Facilities
The laboratory facilities are shown in the table below:

Type of Laboratory Description Capacity (Area (m2)) Seat
Fundamentals Lab 78 24
Electronics & Comm. Lab 95 30
Electronics & Comm. Lab 95 30
Basic Electrical/ Electronic Engineering Instrumentation Lab 47 15
and Communication Systems Microprocessor Lab 112 19
Electromagnetic Fields Lab 80 20
Communication lab 80 20
PCB Lab ( on Installation Process)
Power Engineering and Control Machine Lab 169 25
High Voltage Lab 79 20
Control Lab 80 20
Power Lab 80 20
Electrical Workshop I 94 20
Electrical Workshop II 65 16

B) Computing Facilities
The ECE School has networked computers loaded withvarious operating systems in its computing laboratories. In addition to these, almost all staff members of the school have networked PCs in their offices.
C) Class Rooms
The ECE Schoolis located on the first floor of the main building in the Institute of Technology. The School shares classrooms for students in their pre‐engineering class. After the students have joinedthe school, for lecture oriented classes the Schoolhas 14 different lecture halls and classrooms to use.