Qualified Internship System

The Qualified Internship System (QIS) came in to picture with the initiative of
engineering capacity building program (ecbp) in reforming engineering curricula for the faculty of technology in 2006. As part of the reformed curricula students are required to build on their theoretical knowledge by participating in a Qualified Internship System (QIS) during the seventh or eighth semester of their study.

Among the many benefits of QIS to students:

  • Link theory with practice at the workplace through engagement in real projects
  • Work with experienced engineers using new technologies and facilities
  • Enhance their professional insight and possibly guide them to developan area of interest for specialization (emphasis) in the future. 
  • Develop a work discipline

Among the many benefits of QIS to hosting companies:

  • Access to scientific or technological knowledge and unique researchskills of qualified interns from all the major engineering disciplines.
  • Train potential future employees at low cost, enriching the pool from which to draw prospective workers.
  • Ease the workload in a company by assigning specific projects tointerns- a lower cost alternative to hiring a new full time employee.
  • Work closely with the university staff and students in technologytransfer and applied research projects.
  • Enhance the reputation of a company by working closely with thehighly renowned institute of technology in the country.